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The Premier College Storage program is the longest running college storage service in Nashville, TN. Since 1996, Vanderbilt and Belmont University students have depended on The UPS Store for help with college move-out and for shipping items home throughout the year.

We are now pleased to offer storage services to colleges and universities through our 3 convenient Nashville locations in association with our Premier College Storage program. Our college storage service is a natural extension of our shipping, packaging, and college move-out services, backed by the dependability and commitment to customer service that you've come to expect from your neighborhood The UPS Store.
The UPS Store is your answer for affordable Maymester, Summer and Abroad storage! Please visit our 'Services' page for information on our available Pickup types.

In association with your selected Service Type, we offer convenient Pickup and Delivery options whether you live on or off-campus. Additionally, we supply boxes, tape, and labels; all included in the storage cost. Storage items are kept in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse.

We can also package and ship any items that you wish to take with you for the summer, as well as anything you may need later from your storage, upon your request.
Our Prices are a reflection of (1) a 'Summer Storage' Contract (4-month period)/ PER ITEM and (2) a selected 'Type of Service' option, shown on our 'Services' page. All storage contracts include Pickup and Delivery services in association with your selected Services option.

When your storage term expires, we will be happy to deliver your storage items to you in accordance with your Service Type. If you need to extend your storage contract, we are happy to help with that too! Just let us know and we will renew your storage contract for another storage term! All costs for outstanding storage must be paid before a storage delivery will occur.
Yes! Stop by any On-Campus or store location to claim your complementary boxes and tape!

So long as the boxes are used to fulfill Premier College Storage storage contracts, the cost of boxes and tape is WAIVED. Any unaccounted for boxes or tape, not used to fulfill a Premier College Storage contract, will be charged accordingly to the student's registered account at the conclusion of the Move-Out season.

Additional packing supplies are available for purchase at any On-Campus or store location; i.e. Bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Mattress covers, Sharpies, etc. For an additional $25.00, our team will Deliver your Packing Supplies to your doorstep! Please call our Hotline to help coordinate a time that works best with your schedule.

Lastly, all storage prices include Pickup and Delivery services in accordance with your desired choice of service options. Please visit our 'Services' and 'Prices' pages for details.
Yes. Whether for Storage or Shipping, you may use your boxes provided they are in good condition and sturdy enough to safely contain your belongings. Please enter the dimensions (Length x Width x Height) in the comments field, or give us a call for a quick price quote.
Yes, just be sure to securely pack them! (See our 'Packing Guidelines' page.)
The most common error made in packing electronics is failing to properly protect the contents within the packing container. When this happens, shocks received on the outside of the carton can pass through to the electronics, causing damage. You should consider the following suggestions when packing your electronics for shipping and storage:
• Use the original boxes and packing materials to pack computers and other electronics to help ensure the safety of the contents.
• Use bubble wrap to fill open spaces and cushion your electronics. Make certain that boxes are securely taped and that your electronics do not slide, shake, or otherwise move around inside the box.
Absolutely! Visit our 'Prices' page for details about storing furniture and other miscellaneous items including microwaves, refrigerators, bikes, trunks, rugs, bookshelves, futons, filing cabinets, and more.
Yes. While some smaller items such as a small nightstand or bookshelf might be able to ship standard UPS, larger items will require a freight shipment. Our Certified Packing Experts can pack and ship just about anything! Please contact us to discuss rates and options.
Yes. The UPS Store cannot accept hazardous materials, liquids, jewelry, cash, or other valuables. All packages must be packed in accordance with our Packing Guidelines.
Yes. The UPS Store can store and return your belongings at any time of the year. Our website pricing applies to items stored from May through August, so please contact us to arrange a different storage term.

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Yes. If you find you need access to your items before August Move-In, please contact The UPS Store, and we will arrange to get them to you. Additional charges will apply.
Just let us know! The UPS Store will retrieve the items you need to ship, and our Certified Packing Experts will pack them to UPS specifications and send them to you via UPS Ground or Air service. Simply contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss your options. Standard packaging rates and UPS shipping rates apply.
Yes. Students may ship items from any of our On-Campus locations. All On-Campus shipments carry an additional handling charge of $8.00/ per shipment (after calculating regular costs for shipping) as a convenience fee for the service. 
You may specify your pickup and delivery date when you make your reservation. If you don't know your return date yet, don't worry – you can let us know later! We just ask that you give us at least seven days notice to ensure that we can get your items to you on the date that you need them.
From the 'Schedule Now/Request a Pickup' or 'Request Storage Delivery' tabs on your Customer Dashboard, you will have the opportunity to request your preferred Date as well as the preferred Time window that works best for your schedule. You will receive email confirmation of your selection once we confirm your Requested Date and Time window on our finalized schedule. Prior to your Appointment Date, our team will call you to confirm the Pickup or Delivery and will provide an estimated arrival time.
Yes. If you find that you've underestimated how many boxes you need, just let us know. We can bring additional boxes to your pickup or arrange to have them delivered to you before your pickup, if possible. Please note that additional charges may apply. If you store more (or fewer) items than indicated at the time of your reservation, your final invoice will be based on the actual number of items stored.
No worries! Simply let us know as soon as you finalize your plans, and be sure to give us a phone number and email address where we can reach you throughout the term of your storage.
Yes, The UPS Store can pick up and deliver your belongings from your off-campus apartment, condo, or house.
For your convenience, we accept Cash, Checks and ALL Credit Cards.

(However, we do NOT accept Apple Pay or associated "University-dollars" at this time)
Yes. Any item stored with, or package shipped by (specifically, shipment labels generated at any On-Campus or store location; does NOT include pre-generated labels, i.e. Amazon Return labels), The UPS Store carries with it an automatic protection against damage or loss called a "Declared Valuation of Insurance." 

Our prices automatically include a $300 declared Insurance valuation/ per storage contract, and a $100 declared Insurance valuation/ per package shipped. We strongly recommend the purchase of additional insurance in cases where the replacement value of your possession(s) exceeds the automatic insurance amounts per package. Additional insurance can be purchased by checking the box on your order form.

Items Not-Intended-for-Transport (i.e. particle board, plastic furniture, mirrors, and some forms of totes and shelving) may not be covered by insurance unless properly disassembled and/or packed prior to being accepted for storage. Please visit our 'Packing Guidelines' page to learn about our Packing Requirements and Suggestions. Failing to meet these Packing Requirements could result in your storage item being refused; such determinations are made at the discretion of The UPS Store. Packing supplies can be purchased at any On-Campus or store location.
Yes. Additional insurance is available in $100 increments for $3.00/ per $100 declared insurance valuation.

You may purchase up to a maximum of $5000 for your complete storage contract.
If you need to cancel your storage reservation, please contact our Storage Hotline so we can confirm your cancellation.

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There's no better time than the present! We encourage you to create an Account and schedule an Appointment as soon as you know that you will need Maymester/Summer/Abroad/custom storage for your belongings. Your last-minute reservations are welcome too! Let us know how we can accommodate your storage needs.

Reserve your Appointment today! We offer 3 easy ways to register:
1. Sign Up NOW Online in five minutes or less! *BEST*
2. Call our Storage Hotline – 615.327.4614
3. Stop by one of our convenient locations, and we'll be happy to assist you in person!

Visit our 6 convenient The UPS Store locations in Nashville for Premier Customer Service!

1831 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203

2817 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203
Across from the Parthenon, Near Ted’s Montana Grill, Chipotle, and Panera

4117 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215
Across from McDonalds, Near Noshville

707 Main Street, Nashville, TN 37206

250 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203

201 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203

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Visit our 3 convenient The UPS Store locations for Premier Customer Service!

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